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List of Workshops

2008   Full circle: adults with learning difficulties. Workshops weekly to produce an exhibition, displayed in James Cook Hospital.

2008   Weekly workshops teaching silk painting to adults with MS.

2009   Full circle: adults with learning difficulties. Workshops weekly to produce an exhibition, displayed at Macmillan College.

2009   Roseworth school workshops in glass

2010   Full circle: adults with learning difficulties. Workshops weekly to produce exhibition 3 to be displayed at Macmillan College

2011   Full circle: adults with learning difficulties. Workshops using dancing in paint to create art works.

2012   Workshops with Nunthorpe school

2013   Transitions project for homeless people using the first railway from Stockton to Darlington as inspiration. I was funded to create the project, and managed three other artists to deliver an exhibition in Stockton High Street.

2014   Lark Song: Large public art project in Yarm. I applied for and received Arts Council Funding to create and project manage a 6 month community commemoration of WW1.

2015   Moses Project (Charity dealing with substance abuse and homelessness): Glass and the spoken word project for 3 months exploring ideas of breaking chains. Followed by an exhibition at the Arc.

2015   Thorntrees Roses: Community project in glass about pride in their area.

2015   Arc Stockton-on-Tees Arts centre, Regeneration.

2016   Arc Stockton-on-Tees,Workshops for public

2016   Preston Park Stockton-on-Tees,Workshops for public

2017   Bridge Darlington 10 week course in glass fusing.

2017/2020   Arc Stockton-on-Tees Workshops for public.

2018   Arc silver craft, art class for older generation.

2018   Hartlepool Art Gallery experimental embroidery with disabled and elderly.

2018/2019   Greater Tees Practioner Training. Arts and hard to reach groups.

2018   Doves of Hope, Project with schools creating sculptural illuminated doves of peace for war memorial.

2018   Peace Party, Preston Park and Hall. Working with homes for people with dementia, to paint/print flags for bunting for an armistace peace party.

2019   Muker gallery, Workshops for public.

2019/2020    Arc, Preston Park,Neasham and other venues for community workshops.

2019   Durham creatives, Developing practise, series of training events with MIMA, Bowes Museumn etc.

2019/2020   Created Mass, Instigated and developed not for profit charity, to enable community, refugees, asslyum seekers and hard to reach communities and disabled groups to develop and engage in creative art work projects.

2019/2020   Reflections.Glass project for refugees and asslyum seekers to make holding glass pieces for their pockets, so that if they were relocated or deported theywouldknow people did care for them.They could also make Glass designs for themselves with the goal of ceating work to adorn walls of Hospitals etc.

2019/2020   Hope. Project with homeless people at their refuge, Bridge House to make glass art for lanterns to display the stepping stones to hope that the hostel had given them.

image 0f silk painting