Judith Gill Biography

I am lying in heather doing a snow angel

Like my hero, Captain James Cook, who was born near my home town, I live and breath exploring, I'm not interested in discovering New Zealand (again), but in how I can explore different areas in life, using my glass making skills to create modern quirky designs that are shot through with colour, light and the joy of being able to create them.

I am a plantaholic and can't resist trying to translate the luminous glow of backlit flowers or the intricate pattern on a miniature iris, into my jewellery, glassware and public art. One of my favourite occupations (apart from faith, rhythm and blues and festivals) is lying in an ancient meadow "cloud watching", and thinking up new ideas.

My first love of design was channeled through a BSc hons, in textile design at Huddersfield. I learnt to think outside the box, when I graduated into the manufacturing recession of the 1980s, where there was no prospect of a job, so my friend and I went 'Inter-Railing' around all the trade shows in Europe to ask for a job. Sadly we didn't get one, so I freelanced for spinning companies creating exhibitions, to demonstrate their yarn etc. After four years I joined a company in Leicester as a knitwear designer, and later became head of design at a manufacturing company in Manchester.

When I decided to change career, I trained at Sunderland Glass Centre, and also studied for a PGCE at Riverside College. This allowed me to combine two important areas of my life, and teach disabled / disadvantaged adults and children, how to be creative and express themselves through art and design. I hope that humour, fun and encouragement will lead to authentic pieces of work that surprise themselves and the world.

I started my business, Wild Roses Glass, in 2011 and it is driven by my joy of working with glass, to express my enthusiasm for the world around me, it has three main sections: public art, such as the six month community project, that I devised, funded, designed and project managed to commemorate the soldiers who died in the first world war from Yarm.

I also create, make and sell my jewellery and glassware in Great Britain. I have recently had a piece of my jewellery on display at the V & A Museum and it was short listed in the "Inspired By" competition. I also run a number of workshops for schools and community centres.

I am a member of Cohesion Glass Group, Digital City, Redcar and Cleveland Creative Hub, Contemporary Glass Society, AXIS and the Northern branch of the Guild of Glass Engravers.