Artistic Practice

Artistic Practice

As a Visual Artist, I would describe myself as a Creative Glass Explorer, through my organic and natural experiments when using glass as one of my mediums. For me the finished artwork is just as important as the journey and the process to create it. My work reflects my own personality being vibrant and colourful, and is depicted through the layering and juxtaposition of colours, shapes and textures. There is a sense of structure and form found in my work from my many years working as an established knitwear designer.

Influences are varied and gathered from natural and industrial spaces, to festivals and dance. I use my quirky imagination to discover new ways of working with glass and fabric, and enjoy working across different media to realise my ideas.

Being guided by the unique nature of every piece of glass I manipulate, each small experiment is connected to another, creating a larger piece of Art. I call this method of working the "Meadow Effect"; where the distinct pieces are beautiful in their own right such as a flower in a field but when combined create a much larger and synergetic picture.

This method of working also translates into my workshop delivery, which favours a holistic approach. I have been privileged to work with adults with learning difficulties and other disabilities, to express themselves through art. This sparked off a passion for enabling others to explore creativity. Through my work I hope to convey my passion for enabling people to express how they feel about themselves and their lives. I hope that humour, fun and encouragement will lead to an authentic piece of work that can surprise people and the world and enable them to believe in themselves.

Through both my own creative practice and also workshop delivery I am interested in the ability of Art to transform people's lives by allowing both myself and others to freely express ourselves through the exploration of materials and ideas.