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I teach a whole varity of workshops,across most sectors of the community, from prisons to arts centres, which can be taster sessions to 10 week courses.

Themes vary, depending on the clientelle, for schools it can be "what did the Mummy share his coffin with?" to dancing daffodils window hangers to 3 D flowers and plates

The project by the children of Kirklevington primary school is an example of the type of imaginative workshop I teach. They created glass bunting to commemorate the local soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the First World War.


For their inspiration they used the national flowers of the countries involved in WW1, which were a focus of pride.Flowers are a powerful symbol as they grow freely across continents, they don't respect man made boundaries, race, religion or politics.

I enjoy the challenge of each one and introducing people to the joys of glass design.

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