I teach a whole variety of workshops to schools, community groups and individually, on topics they have chosen, or imaginative themed events.
These can range from 10 week clases that teach a variety of skills, or one off's that can be for a day or an hour and a half.
I have a system that enables me to take all of the equipment and materials to a venue and then take the finished glass designs back to the studio to fuse in my kiln, and then return the designs to the venue for collection.
I love inspiring people to create glass designs, to demonstrate the enormous possibilities of using the different materials and techniques and to teach them about the ancient art of glass design and how it became a world class industry in the North East.
Unfortunatly due to Covid, no classes are running, but as soon as we are allowed to meet up, I will be back with you all and will post details on instagram etc.
The price for a 2 hour work shop with 6 other people is £40.00, please do contact me in the new year and I will be able to give you information on venue/ dates and prices.