Dog daisies, buttercups and lark song


I was walking through the 6 fields near me, on a morning when I was glad to be alive and all my senses were excited by the tapestry of colours, that swayed in the breeze, the lark song, and the scent of abundant new growth.

The curved pieces can be used as ornaments, platters or to provide a mellow glow in the evening, with a candle placed behind.

Each piece is lovingly designed and hand crafted in the North East of Great Britain. To make this wave, I will draw the flowers, cut stencils, fire the flowers, attach them to the flat glass and fuse the design. It is then fired again to shape it, and will be cold worked.
Due to the manufacturing processes involved, the colour and design represented can change slightly, as each piece is unique.
Height~ 25cm ~ length ~37cm