midnight bazaar pendant baz02


I love to haggle over prices in Eastern bazaars; it must come from my grandfathers farming background, he loved a good deal! My senses are allways heightened when I walk into one; the smoky scents mingling with the entreaties of the traders and the myriad colours of the fabrics and spices transport me back to my magical childhood book of "The Arabian Knights".

This piece draws its inspiration from the velvet black night of Istanbul, which is the perfect backdrop for the golden minarets. Clear black glass combines with a shot of gold to provide a refined pendant. It comes with a 20inch silver chain. Height~ 70mm inc silver fitting width~ 48mm

Each piece is lovingly designed and hand crafted in the North East of Great Britain, due to the manufacturing processes involved in the dichroic glass used to create this jewellery, the colour represented can change slightly, and will change depending on the intensity of light through the day. Each piece is sent in a gift box with a card.

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