Sparkling Turquoise Dewdrops Brooch frp07


I decided to create a collection based on my childhood memories of summer to cheer up the autumn, I have infused these designs with the mellow colours of late summer/ autumn.

I allways remember waiting for the cherry blossom to come out when I was small, as it signalled the start of days out in the country,with my family. My sister and I loved eating fruit pastilles on the journey, I still love their colour and sparkle.

A vivacious mix of different shades of turquoise, that sparkles and changes colour in the light. This design is both light and strong. The height and depth are 5cm.

Each piece is lovingly designed and hand crafted in the North East of Great Britain, due to the manufacturing processes involved in the dichroic glass used to create this jewellery, the colour represented can change slightly, and will change depending on the intensity of light through the day. Each piece comes in a gift box with a card.

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